New Logo!

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New Logo!

Motif Pillows-04


I have no words…

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None except. Wallpaper. Fabric. Color. Gold Finishes. Texture = My Heaven on Earth.  Take a look!!

Apartment designed by Fawn Galli and featured in the March issue of House Beautiful.


Pillows for Vintage Swag

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Anytime Wreath

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Anytime Wreath

I made this wreath for Christmas, however my husband  loves it so much he says (and I agree) this wreath could be put up anytime!

Story time! Home Depot was right down the street from my Target $1.00 bin shopping so I decided to pick up materials for our 2011 Christmas Wreath.  Babe helped me picked out the one for this year from Pinterest.  I originally wanted a full on solid greenery wreath, but came back to Steve’s favorite.  [Thanks Babe..I often change my mind ;)]

It was fun walking up and down the lumber section of Home Depot.  I felt like a serious shopper/carpenter. The wreath called for 18″ pieces, and I just happened to find 36″  slats and had them cut down to size.  I was tempted to buy thin molding pieces but .88c price was more appealing than $5.97 per molded slat. Finally, I bought my paint and went home to make the wreath!

Here are the steps:

  1. Glued the wood in the shape of a tic tac toe (right).
  2. Shaped the three separate tic tac toe pieces around a larger circled container!
  3. Spray paint any color or even use $2.00 sample cans from Home Depot/Lowes!

It was fun to make, here is the link to DIY






Last Minute Decor

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Last Minute Decor

I have created two quick posts! Last Minute Decor & Anytime Wreath.

I’m a big fan of Target’s front of the store $1.00 bins!  This section is always filled with seasonal treasures  that are fun for the whole family.  As soon as you walk in they smack you with your own mini upscale dollar boutique!  Some probably walk by and don’t think ‘oh this would be great in my house’ – but if you’re crazy like I am and are always looking to turn nothing into something this can be a treasure chest. For instance, these Christmas paper dowels (above) have made an exciting addition to our entry way. Check out the wall of fun; family photos, Christmas wallpaper ‘portraits,’ and vintage Christmas advertisements.

I also want to mention Young House Love has great inspiration on making your frames festive for the Holidays!  Great use of floating frame boxes too! Check it out.

les décorations. part I

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Love tiffany blue with the red glass candle stick. Mix matching gold and silver with the candles isn't normal, but metallics are too fun to just be limited to one metal!

I would love to say it's all about our first Christmas tree this year, but for our first Christmas with a "Mantle" it might be just as exciting as decorating our tree this year!

The framed fabric has been changed out to match the tree skirt. The B is mounted in place by the glass from the picture frame. DIY for the mantle.

The fabric for the tree skirt is indoor/outdoor fabric I hope to use to make pillows. That material was a great yard sale find! Purchased the entire spool for $5.00.

Red, Teal and Chevron patter!

I love our photo "Love N Happiness" taken in P Town, Mass. Reminds me of the song.

Decorating our living room listening to Jessie J live from London! Thanks Palladia TV.

Our little buddy came out of storage missing an arm. I hope he finds a place in our outdoorsy/vintage dinning room that will be decorated on Saturday! Steve and I had a fun night in. Thanks babe for making us Jamaican jerk chicken to remind me of our honeymoon and thanks for my pretty tulips! I love you hun bun. Make a date night out of decorating your home for Christmas. It's a great cheap date night in. We hope all of you are having fun with your families and loves this Christmas! Merry Christmas you guys!

Dreams of a Brownstone

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Most people dream of white picket fenced in house to raise there family in.  I grew up dreaming of a Brownstone or Row House to live in.  After getting married I realized it’s not practical or realistic for the type of people that Steve and I are.  Mostly because we are suburban people instead of city dwellers.  I grew up in Massachusetts in a historic 19th century  home and ever since I have loved great high ceilings and detailed moldings.   Recently I got to live through a blogger’s Brownstone renovation in Brooklyn.  Enjoy her transformation and follow her blog A Brooklyn Limestone in progress.

Old Sideboard DIY

Master Bedroom

Parlor Room

Kitchen During Renovation

Kitchen After. Custom Cabinets and Soap Stone Countertops

Soap Stone Island