The Fabrics of my life

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Bliss Studio Pillows

I am so drawn to mix matching fabric patterns.  This craving to mix match was destined to be.  I never matched when I  dressed myself for Middle School.  I was “that girl”  that would wear faux Doc Martin boots with floral light blue baby doll dresses and probably had scrunched up hot pink socks to tie my outfit in.  I always had to explain my outfits, haa.  Thankfully that was me a decade ago.  All of that said… I am going to attempt to start sewing more pillows.  I love mix matching fabrics and pillows in our home. Once I have about 10 down I’ll put them on my up and coming Etsy shop.  Hopefully I’ll be able to find some cool menswear patters or some fun metallic fabric.  Everthing we own is mostly dark colors so in moving to Charleston, SC I jumped on the shabby sheek bandwagon and brought some color and texture into our apartment .  I even have a linen tapestry hanging and a dried hydrangea bouquet, from Mom’s garden, on our refurbished barn wood table. I’m mixing it up and trying new things!  So here’s to a hopeful fun adventure in sewing while watching Prison Break and anything Bravo.  What hobbies and shows are you taking on this fall?

Linen Fabric from Moyanne's in Lynchburg, VA

The current fabrics in my life:

Crocodile textured fabric purchased in Acton, MA                                        Menswear inspired herringbone plaid pattern ,MA                              Mod colorful silk taffeta blend curtain, Lynchburg VA

Ikea Fabric , click picture for fun cheap fabric

Imported Coffee Bean Bag .50c Building #19, Massachusetts

Waverly Parterre Porcelain Fabric

Headboard fabric is from Calico Corners. The salesman entered the wrong price and I bought 2 yards for $10.00. Elle Decor had an editorial where the designer used this fabric on two sitting chairs. *side note, I'm not finished hammering the nail heads in yet.

Shower Curtain Fabric, Cotton Gin Fabrics under new ownership and they hope to out with the old and in with the new!



About Lemon Motif

My current loves are finding different cultural food and interior decorating inspirations. I would love your input on new recopies or neat finds for the home! What’s Lemon Motif all about?!! To know me is to …know Love To know me is to …know The Father To know me is to ….. understand I love lemon juice and fabric and patters

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  1. Sandra Roth

    Very Beautiful!!!

  2. Pris, these are all lovely! I love sewing and evolving our home, too. Nice fabric choices! I’m looking into making my own shower curtain because I have yet to find anything that I like.

  3. Love this! I want to buy some stuff from you.

  4. Love your style!!!! Cant wait to see more of your creations!


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