Dreams of a Brownstone

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Most people dream of white picket fenced in house to raise there family in.  I grew up dreaming of a Brownstone or Row House to live in.  After getting married I realized it’s not practical or realistic for the type of people that Steve and I are.  Mostly because we are suburban people instead of city dwellers.  I grew up in Massachusetts in a historic 19th century  home and ever since I have loved great high ceilings and detailed moldings.   Recently I got to live through a blogger’s Brownstone renovation in Brooklyn.  Enjoy her transformation and follow her blog A Brooklyn Limestone in progress.

Old Sideboard DIY

Master Bedroom

Parlor Room

Kitchen During Renovation

Kitchen After. Custom Cabinets and Soap Stone Countertops

Soap Stone Island


About Lemon Motif

My current loves are finding different cultural food and interior decorating inspirations. I would love your input on new recopies or neat finds for the home! What’s Lemon Motif all about?!! To know me is to …know Love To know me is to …know The Father To know me is to ….. understand I love lemon juice and fabric and patters

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  1. Pris, I tell Ben all the time that all I want is to live in a brownstone! He’s not as much into it as I am, but I love cities so maybe I can convince him.


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