les décorations. part I

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Love tiffany blue with the red glass candle stick. Mix matching gold and silver with the candles isn't normal, but metallics are too fun to just be limited to one metal!

I would love to say it's all about our first Christmas tree this year, but for our first Christmas with a "Mantle" it might be just as exciting as decorating our tree this year!

The framed fabric has been changed out to match the tree skirt. The B is mounted in place by the glass from the picture frame. DIY for the mantle.

The fabric for the tree skirt is indoor/outdoor fabric I hope to use to make pillows. That material was a great yard sale find! Purchased the entire spool for $5.00.

Red, Teal and Chevron patter!

I love our photo "Love N Happiness" taken in P Town, Mass. Reminds me of the song.

Decorating our living room listening to Jessie J live from London! Thanks Palladia TV.

Our little buddy came out of storage missing an arm. I hope he finds a place in our outdoorsy/vintage dinning room that will be decorated on Saturday! Steve and I had a fun night in. Thanks babe for making us Jamaican jerk chicken to remind me of our honeymoon and thanks for my pretty tulips! I love you hun bun. Make a date night out of decorating your home for Christmas. It's a great cheap date night in. We hope all of you are having fun with your families and loves this Christmas! Merry Christmas you guys!


About Lemon Motif

My current loves are finding different cultural food and interior decorating inspirations. I would love your input on new recopies or neat finds for the home! What’s Lemon Motif all about?!! To know me is to …know Love To know me is to …know The Father To know me is to ….. understand I love lemon juice and fabric and patters

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