Anytime Wreath

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Anytime Wreath

I made this wreath for Christmas, however my husband  loves it so much he says (and I agree) this wreath could be put up anytime!

Story time! Home Depot was right down the street from my Target $1.00 bin shopping so I decided to pick up materials for our 2011 Christmas Wreath.  Babe helped me picked out the one for this year from Pinterest.  I originally wanted a full on solid greenery wreath, but came back to Steve’s favorite.  [Thanks Babe..I often change my mind ;)]

It was fun walking up and down the lumber section of Home Depot.  I felt like a serious shopper/carpenter. The wreath called for 18″ pieces, and I just happened to find 36″  slats and had them cut down to size.  I was tempted to buy thin molding pieces but .88c price was more appealing than $5.97 per molded slat. Finally, I bought my paint and went home to make the wreath!

Here are the steps:

  1. Glued the wood in the shape of a tic tac toe (right).
  2. Shaped the three separate tic tac toe pieces around a larger circled container!
  3. Spray paint any color or even use $2.00 sample cans from Home Depot/Lowes!

It was fun to make, here is the link to DIY







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