Last Minute Decor

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Last Minute Decor

I have created two quick posts! Last Minute Decor & Anytime Wreath.

I’m a big fan of Target’s front of the store $1.00 bins!  This section is always filled with seasonal treasures  that are fun for the whole family.  As soon as you walk in they smack you with your own mini upscale dollar boutique!  Some probably walk by and don’t think ‘oh this would be great in my house’ – but if you’re crazy like I am and are always looking to turn nothing into something this can be a treasure chest. For instance, these Christmas paper dowels (above) have made an exciting addition to our entry way. Check out the wall of fun; family photos, Christmas wallpaper ‘portraits,’ and vintage Christmas advertisements.

I also want to mention Young House Love has great inspiration on making your frames festive for the Holidays!  Great use of floating frame boxes too! Check it out.


About Lemon Motif

My current loves are finding different cultural food and interior decorating inspirations. I would love your input on new recopies or neat finds for the home! What’s Lemon Motif all about?!! To know me is to …know Love To know me is to …know The Father To know me is to ….. understand I love lemon juice and fabric and patters

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