Novembering SLASH Decembering

Girls With Glasses: How to tie a stylish scarf

Great goal for the fall/ winter months from Apartment Therapy
Check out day #3 of 20/20 ( Spend 20min a day for 20 days on your home) Get some inspiration!

Never skimp on cheese when cooking! Well that and butter 🙂
Every great Mac and Cheese starts with a rue(white sauce). Give this one a try…it’s kicked up for us grown ups.

Getting in the Christmas Mood…I’m ready to make Peppermint Ice Cream after seeing this!

I always enjoying buying Christmas decorations the week after Christmas when sales are up to 75% off!  This year will be our first Christmas for us to actually use everything “WE” have purchased on sale!  Steve is about to experience Pris gone wild..for decorations that is!  I can’t wait!!!  This year will be our first Christmas with a balcony/deck and I could use some ideas for hanging lights outside!  I’m thinking some type of glass streaming jars filled with twinkle lights. I have metallic and jewel toned pieces to go in every room except the bathrooms.  That’s a little too excessive.   I’m not that crazy!  Ha. What colors do you guys do in your home for Christmas?  Check out the decorations from RUE (Holiday Edition).


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